Tuesday, February 21, 2006

G Pod


These are some Pics from the "Personal Space Project.
Starting from the top, there is a Studio, Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom. Each module moves into the one before it so each "Space Pod" is used as required.

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Y DD Cilliers said...

I agree with J.

I like the dream of well bound
sketch books made with recycled
cardboard for covers (all colours)and paper that is recycled well
(ie no bumps) > that can be supplied to art shops, markets,

Bumpy paper is great for an additional income of watercolour painting from a loved sketch, in
a special exhibition.

I ask important questions :
"why should we copy the violent
customs of violent people because
we fear extinction _ should we not
search for peace and recognise
diversity in every culture?"
"Should we not leave God's patient
work to correct wrongs in the hands
of those who care for reform?"
"Can our art not make people's homes feel beautiful as they pass a picture that frames a peace of mind? Even if there is civil war
in every street, even in families
and homes"
"One should never underestimate God's love for any prodical son who
returns after making the smallest or largest mistakes, no matter
how ugly, foreign or disadvantaged
that person became or feels"
"If one becomes militant over one's
ideals and any innocent lives are lost in countless brutality, then
one's actions will be read as
fascist or conservative".
From the smallest to the greatest honoured in a country would love a watercolour or a sketchbook for
peace of mind on a mysterious planet.