Thursday, January 31, 2008

From 12 hits a day to 191?

At the moment, I usually get about 15 hits a day... Quite modest I think. I guess that this blog only caters for a small group of people interested in the field of architecture, and more specifically, my take on it ;)

Today I received 192 hits on my blog. Quite amazing I think. So if you are one of these many to visit my blog, I would love to hear what you have to say.

On to the topic at hand.

Over the last few weeks working in the office, I have really seen how encompassing architecture is, and how "little" they teach us at varsity. I don't want to turn this into a "You should have taught me" agenda, rather, I feel that mention should be given to a course that equips a student with a desire to make architecture in such a short period of time. The reality is that no course would be able to teach a student that amount of knowledge, so for me, it seems that the intention is to just touch on some topics that create awareness that can be utilised in an office environment.

So I guess the only way to learn this architecture stuff, is to make architecture... not at varsity, but in the real world... neway.. just a thought... ;)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a fascinating line of work I have chosen. Dreaming in Reality

What a fascinating line of work I have chosen.

I guess I always realised that the actual profession of architecture would be different from the study of architecture. In what ways, I was never sure. To highlight some realities that have become apparent would be simply a waste of digital paper. I guess a little bit of logical thinking would result in a pretty thorough understanding of what is really out there. The one thing that did strike me as a point of departure when dealing with the reality of building in South Africa would be the complete apathy that contractors seem to have about their own workmanship and quality of finished product. Where does that leave a designer? I would imagine that as a designer, the reality of actual realisation in terms of South African building standards are a factor that needs to be considered when designing a building. Architects, very often, are criticised for being dreamers. Perhaps as a successful architect in South Africa, rather than not dreaming, we should learn to dream in the confines of reality.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Become an Architect by wearing glasses

Although generally, the profession of architecture, and more specifically the position of "Architect" usually depicts an image of a lateral thinker; the guild of society that think "outside the box", many connotations are attached to the way we should think, act and dress.

I get the feeling that these connotations are more on an international scale rather than one that is found in South Africa. I found this image of Instant Architect Glasses. What could be more further from being an individual than being able to put on a pair of glasses and through image, become part of a group of people that define their own existence by being able to avoid the confines of the perceived norms of society.