Sunday, December 16, 2007

The crossroad of an architectural blog

Due to a lack of energy and a general lethargic approach to effort (as would be understood after third year architecture), my blog has somewhat been neglected. In an effort to rectify this dire situation, I have been wondering what I will be posting over the next year, as I am no longer a "student" (as we get the boot for a year to go find a job and realise what architecture is really about). As the firm that I work for has the license and copyright on all work produced in the office, I cannot post that work; so a new approach to this blog needs to be taken.

I'm inclined to lend my thoughts to observing the environment around me and commenting on the impact that it makes on me and the architectural fabric. I also feel that comment must be made on the experience of working in an office after three years of "architectural education".

So dear friends, brace yourself for comment that is direct, misguided, clear, and obscure in an attempts to clarify the most epiphany driven aspect of my existence - architecture...