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BRT Artwork by Bronwyn Kotzen and myself

Initially, by mapping out the tree coverage ratio within the containing north south axis boundaries of Empire Road and the M2 Highway, and the east west axis boundaries of Charlton Road and the M1 Highway, the fact that “Johannesburg is one of the most treed cities in the world” is celebrated. This exclusively identifying quality separates the city as not only a unique metropolis within South Africa, but within the global community as a whole.

The graphic as an entirety seeks to create a figure ground to emphasise the tree coverage to space ratio found within the inner city that gives Johannesburg one of its many unique characteristics. This graphic is focused onto the area surrounding Braamfontein Metro Centre and the Constitutional Court of South Africa and further concentrated around the Joubert Street Ext Station. This approach contextualises the tree densification quality around this particular station within the inner city. 

Pics via Johannesburg Daily

Monday, May 24, 2010

Re-scripting the winery

investigates how a space as crude as factory has become an architectural
icon of romance, culture, tradition and sophistication. It is an exploration of tourism theory which
utilises the work of John Urry to build an argument that tourism is 'fabricated autheticity'. This
agrument is then opposed with the work of Joseph Pine which makes a contradictory argument
impying that everything is authentic. Orientalism and its impact is explored through the work of
Edward Said which combines with the work of Urry and Pine to analyse selected wineries within the
Cape wine region. This exploration illustrates that the winery is a hybrid of villa, palace, place of
worship and factory and because of the typological link to the villa, the winery typology is able to
utilise the social reading that essentially embuse a factory space with romance, culture, tradition and
sophistication. The essay culminates with the idea that should one re-script a winery, it becomes a
typology that could offer a multitude of possibilities in driving urban renewal and community

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Design Models

These were diagram models created for the design charrette. Essentially the idea was to show the social effect  of a winery in the landscape in comparison to a winery that is placed into an impoverished settlement. 

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Doll House Poster

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Storytelling in the 21st Century is facing some curious effects due to the emergence of Wikipedia, Twitter and Blogger.
The former audience is now also storyteller.
"It's as if you bought a book and they threw in the printing press for free." - Clay Shirky
Does the democratic nature of the web lend itself to the writing of a story?
Let's find out! is an attempt to write a story as though it was a wikipedia article. Add a line, a paragraph, edit some grammar, suggest a plot direction, anything!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Re-scripting the winery

So here are the final products of our Design Charrette... On the left is an altered title page from the original posted previously. On the right are 2 graphics trying to encapsulate the idea behind my thesis. Much discussion happened around this presentation so, already, things have changed... I will be posting my models up soon. Tell me what you think...