Monday, May 24, 2010

Re-scripting the winery

investigates how a space as crude as factory has become an architectural
icon of romance, culture, tradition and sophistication. It is an exploration of tourism theory which
utilises the work of John Urry to build an argument that tourism is 'fabricated autheticity'. This
agrument is then opposed with the work of Joseph Pine which makes a contradictory argument
impying that everything is authentic. Orientalism and its impact is explored through the work of
Edward Said which combines with the work of Urry and Pine to analyse selected wineries within the
Cape wine region. This exploration illustrates that the winery is a hybrid of villa, palace, place of
worship and factory and because of the typological link to the villa, the winery typology is able to
utilise the social reading that essentially embuse a factory space with romance, culture, tradition and
sophistication. The essay culminates with the idea that should one re-script a winery, it becomes a
typology that could offer a multitude of possibilities in driving urban renewal and community

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