Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What a fascinating line of work I have chosen. Dreaming in Reality

What a fascinating line of work I have chosen.

I guess I always realised that the actual profession of architecture would be different from the study of architecture. In what ways, I was never sure. To highlight some realities that have become apparent would be simply a waste of digital paper. I guess a little bit of logical thinking would result in a pretty thorough understanding of what is really out there. The one thing that did strike me as a point of departure when dealing with the reality of building in South Africa would be the complete apathy that contractors seem to have about their own workmanship and quality of finished product. Where does that leave a designer? I would imagine that as a designer, the reality of actual realisation in terms of South African building standards are a factor that needs to be considered when designing a building. Architects, very often, are criticised for being dreamers. Perhaps as a successful architect in South Africa, rather than not dreaming, we should learn to dream in the confines of reality.


efrcDESIGN said...

While some of what you say is true, it shouldn't be the case all the time. I am currently building my parents house, and it is really a case of demanding the quality. Its true that some builders just cant achieve that quality, but thats no reason to give up, say goodbye and get another one.
Ever day will be a battle just to get a damn nuanced brick column, and then the next they will accidentally plaster over it.
Thats how it goes, you just need to stay on top of them.
Don't know if that makes much sense. I'm just trying to get the point across that, just because contractors build like shit nowadays is no reason to take that shit, you need to fight it all the way.

goldring said...


Couldn't agree more... I think if architects flip out over the most rediculous thing in the beginning, then the bigger mistakes wont happen.

But at the end of the day it comes down to pride of work. People should be happy to say that they built "that" without having to mension the law suit that followed because of their lack of self respect....