Thursday, April 01, 2010

Matrix City 2

Here is the Final hand in for the Future City Project. The text is quite small on the image, so here is the blurb:

'The tourist gaze' is a fabricated view of the city. This view is a compilation of nostalgia, day dreaming, media manipulation and naivety. "For the twentieth-century tourist, the world has become one large department store of countryside and cities" (Schivelbusch, 1986:197). The city becomes a scripted event that caters for the tourist. In a sense, by the tourist being in the city, the city that the tourist came to gaze upon no longer exists. The 'post-tourist' realises that the entire presentation of the city is pastiche and accepts that it is all a game that s/he is part of. Interpretation of the city now is comprised of a physical manipulated reality, biased and distorted baggage, and the fabricated tourist driven script. Essentially, the city only exists as a physical stage for the tourist's "right to disregard native concerns and feelings, [and] the right to spin their own web of meaning" (Bauman, 1993:241) to make the Matrix City.

The Matrix City is booleaned by a contour that runs through the landscape representing that the tourist gaze is contextual. It is then twisted as a distortion of the fabrication created by the tourist. The city begins to melt into the alleged fabrication to become a new city _ The Matrix City.

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