Monday, February 23, 2009

Business mapping

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Its the work compiled by myself and another student.

Kay and I sought to explore the workings and influence behind two Soccer Development Organisations.

Dreamfields, a local organisation, aims to uplift communities through simple means. Financial contributions from external donors allow for Dreambags, Dreamevents, and Dreamfields to be given to the community in need.

Streetfootballworld in comparison is a large organisation that has 70-branched organisations below it. It seeks to become “a global platform for cooperation and communication for social football projects. The purpose was and is to support the social dimension of football worldwide and to establish it as a central element of the global game.

Mapping the global vs local influence of streetfootballworld verses Dreamfields

The above two mappings explored the workings of streetfootballworld and Dreamfields respectively.

The mapping above explores the nature of the two organisations. Streetfootballworld operates at a large scale routing resources to smaller "hands on" organisations. Corporate finance and global association provides the financial backing behind the organisation.

Dreamfields too uses corporate resources, but goes directly to the development programs. Dreamfields is a more "hand on" organisation and provides financial contributors the opportunity to see direct impact from their donations.

The final map looks at five organisations and compares their influence and outcomes. Regardless of the nature and physical manifestation of their approach, community upliftment through the social impact of soccer is common.

All work compiled by Keabetswe Mabote and Ryan Goldring

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