Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sketches From Liquid Arch_Identities Essay

Obviously the study of architecture isn't all about designing buildings. The pursuit of the degree expects some sort of contemplation and criticism of the space around us.

I wrote an essay recently, and here is the forward:

In this essay, the author explores how “borrowed authority is elusive in nature” and how “construction of historical identities is fluid”. Through the examination of selected works of Glenn Murcutt, and the contemporary revitalisation of Malagasy architecture, the author draws towards a resolution that the notion of borrowed authority is a concept that can exist within an architect’s attempt to possibly rectify the intrusion of imposed and dominating architectural languages. The author then concludes that there cannot be a finite answer for an architect when resolving past architectural impositions in an attempt to revive a native architectural vernacular and thus shows that not only is historical, but architectural identity fluid.

Here are a few sketches from the essay. Not the greatest, but this is what time allowed:

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Jarrod Mittan said...

not the greatest.....I cant even draw a stick figure!