Thursday, May 03, 2007


Eduardo, please forgive me for posting your work without your permission, I would just like this topic to continue here on my blog too.

This was a reply by a student on the Wits Architecture Group

"Wow, this is serious indeed...

I agree with the colours being wrong for the studio; baby blue, dirty
blue, and some kind of red.

As for the blackboard paint being painted over, I really thing it is
whichever years choice to do with that space, what they like. In your
year you felt like a definition of space was needed and you did it. I
remember in our year, we always wanted even the side rooms to have
their doors completely open.

Architecture classes come in waves of passionate ones and then
complacent ones. At the very least, the second years aren't afraid of
doing something and making it happen. Much like your year. That can
only be praised.

As 'objects' of architecture being desecrated, we as architects can
never be sure of the outcome of a building or how it will be changed
by its users over that time. Neither can we force action to overrule
these changes. At most we can state what the intentions originally
were and hope that they well revert back to it sooner or later.

Any such debate can only be good. We must get talking with Peter Rich,
the coordinator of the 'image of the school'. As we are going to be
the real committee for what we want our school to be. I don't think
that has been planned at all, so perhaps some student action is

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