Tuesday, February 06, 2007


My Grandmother was held up two days ago. She was followed from the bank to her apartment which must be about 3km apart.

I have to ask what kind of sick people follow an innocent women home to rob her at gun point in an underground parking lot? I was telling someone this story and they sort of shrugged it of and said, “well that’s South Africa for you.”

What kind of bull s&@t excuse is that? We live at the bottom of Africa so some low lives have the permission to do as they feel fit? When will this retarded and blatantly unsuccessful government turn this problem around?

The truth is it can’t happen. At least not at the moment; our government officials are the most corrupt in the country, law continually protects criminal. Nothing is done about general law breaking offences – TAXIS!!!!!! Just I side note… the last 10 accident that I have seen on the road driving from one place to another have always included a taxi and another driver. Today, I saw the tenth.

It angers me that someone had the chutzpah to do what they did to my grandmother. It upsets me that I was not able to help her. I thank G-d that it ended where it did, and did not result in a horrifying phone call. I don’t know why Im writing this or even posting it. Maybe just to get some feedback., but things need to change. People in this country need to start respecting life, because I fear that South Africa will soon become like the rest of Africa – Starved, corrupt, and without solution.


peter said...

I hear you. Things are bad. I think it's important for us to find PRACTICAL things to do about it- and I don't mean writing letters to the president or pretending there's no problem.

At the same time, it's easy to get negative about the whole situation. A friend of mine wrote a post that had some really interesting comments relevant to what you're saying.

goldring said...


It’s true what you say... we need to stay positive and find practical solutions. I guess when one's family is involved; it hits a little too close to home to be positive. That is the true agenda. They are turning South Africa into a negative society, which in turn just procreates the cycle that will just dig deeper.

Jarrod Mittan said...

Well, a positive thing about SA.....hard to think about nowadays! Maybe HIV, other than that my mind blank. Oh I forgot it is because of Apartheid the government is corrupt not the fact that the officials in government have no educations, see money and trun to jelly and are all ex-cons .But hey other than that SA is a great place to build a large wall,about 9 feet and then stick electric fencing on that..and then burglar bars,armed gaurds at your front doors. To me things are not bad they are out of control!!For people to live like this and think it is a normal way of life and that SA willl be just fine...well I guess shame on them to! Look at Africa it is a dump!South Africa is a slightly better version of that DUMP!
Sorry to hear about what happpened to your Grandma.