Monday, November 06, 2006

Alex Community Sport Centre

Hi... well I finally got back from the drawing board... these were the 2 posters that I came up with.. I think that they are more successful than the first one.. They convey they scheme a lot better.. we went to get them printed.. WOW!!! you cant believe how amazing they looked... Neway.. Tell me what you think... I love hearing comments..

Later G


fayj said...

Hey Ry

Good work, much better than the first one, saw it today in little, and really like how you communicated the text story bit of it in relation to the design. Good to see that you finally finsished your drawings. Hope one of you 3 win it. Later..

Jarrod Mittan said...

Hey bro,go to and check out there gloves .Tell me if they are the same ones that you want!I have had problems finding a store that actually has them nd not just on the net...being hat we want to size them etc..Let me know.Thanks G!

Anonymous said...

Hey ryan... just to let you know you spelled apartheid wrong.

goldring said...


Hope they dont know that ;)
Afrikaans was never my strong point..