Tuesday, May 09, 2006



While humming Matisyahu’s latest single, I stopped to notice the newest piece of architecture to grace our eclectic campus. It’s the newest masterpiece of form, function, materials and what ever other word architects use to make their sentences seem longer than they have to be. I’m talking about the three – bay covered parking in front of the JM.


What on earth is that? “I mean really!!!! Who throws a shoe?!!” Correct me if I’m out of line, but the building just in front of that monstrosity of a parking bay cover, is Wits’ faculty of architecture.. Those crazy kids learn all sorts of things. Just refer to my blog to read the article I recently posted. One of the things that they are apparently taught is to design while thinking outside the box.. Not that a 3-bay parking space is going to make a difference to anybody’s portfolio, but would it not make sense to put the design opportunity towards the students of the archi faculty.. Fine, the older years will argue, no time for parking bays. Valid point, But who wouldn’t want the opportunity to make a built impact on the very surface of the university that they intend on graduating from? Anything would have been more successful than that eye sore.






Peter Rich has spoken to us about his trip to the States and Urban Studio. Smack me over the head and call me a cave man, but wasn’t there just an opportunity for students to design something and build it with our own little paws!!!!! The faculty needs a good kick up the tochas to realise that things are happening right in front of us, and don’t need to continually complain that we need funding, or don’t have permission, or any other excuse that just slows down the process of an architect’s education..

So here is what I suggest.. Lets stop asking for permission.. Lets just start doing things to improve space.. Get ideas together, we will organise our own funding and wits will just have to accept it.. If the entire class is revolting (and I mean in the “it’s a time for change” revolution) how can they stop us?!! Morne’s idea of partitioning the class is a start.. I think we should take it further!!

The Wits Archi Underground Movement has commenced!!


peter said...

The BAS(Hons) students are building temporary structures for one of their projects-that I think we can appropriate afterwards. The north roof gets pretty uncomfortable in winter with glare- I think we need to cover some of it over. So let's speak to them about donating their structures to the cause. WE might have to invest a little bit into upgrading the material (they are using lightweight stuff that won't last for more than a few days) but I think it will be worthwhile.

WAUM- Guerilla architecture OR it's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission!

fayj said...

This is kewl Ryan. Lets do our studio then. You said you were gonna investigate the partitions?

Justin said...

I'm in... Maybe once we get the ball rolling people in higher places will join in at a later stage. Would be Nice...

Theres alot to be done.

mak said...

Great idea, count me in! Wits Archi Underground Movement all the way!

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