Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Schindler and Lautner


On returning from our mid term break, we were required to analyse a house of RM Schindler. I had a look at the M Kallis Residence. I approached the house analysing ratio, proportion, aesthetic and future contribution. Through my own deduction, I felt that Schindler did not achieve the points set out through his Manifesto. John Lautner, on the other hand, did. While again analysing Lautner’s Carling house, I saw Schindler’s Manifesto brought to light in a beautiful array of light, shape, form, proportion, rational and style.

I produced 3 posters to visually explore the ideas that I felt necessary. Through a crit with Peter Rich, I was sent back to the PC to redesign my poster; as they were beautiful graphics, but not architecturally viable.

The new set of posters visually displays my intentions along with that of these two great Masters of architecture.
shadow relationships.

The New Posters

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Justin said...

All your posters looked good... nice...