Friday, April 21, 2006

Revit Submission... Or at least attempt ;)


Trying to complete this project showed flaws in my understanding of the tutorials that we were given, as should be expected. I feel though, that mastering the basics of such a program would be best executed on an easier building, or perhaps one that has plans that are clearer and more understandable. I"’m my situation, trying to understand the cohesion of levels and how and where to place each object literally took 2 days. Evidently, I am still not finished. I feel that much more gain would have been brought out if one could see the problem at a more manageable level, solve it and move onto the next obstacle. Perhaps future consideration should be taken as to the complexity of the chosen building at such an infant stage of comprehension.

Things just didn't line up?

Kewl Image.. ;)

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